Mission Statement

"To re-unite and strengthen the old relationship as well as spread pleasure concept and to feel as retiree and not redundant"

Vision Statement

"The communication with all ex-employees and their families be interactive in Southern part of Pakistan, particularly in Karachi"

We are SAEEA,a versatile society.

Take a look of some of our events around the globe.


An event lasts a day,memories last forever.

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Beautiful one day, perfect the next.

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Education is key, if it’s success you wish to see.

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Take care always and keep on rocking. :) Bday!

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Our Latest Gallery

Saeea general

Shafiq A. Khan-Atiq Ur Rehman Khan-Muhammad Salim Hamid-Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan

Saeea tours abroad

Al Aramco building 9009 in Houston


A group of ladies who attended the SAEEA 12th Reunion at the Arena Club

SAEEA Weddings

Mr. Sher Ali's daughter wedding

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